What is Hiko-ryu?
Hiko-ryu is a martial art that Koushirou Tanaka, a generational martial artist, developed over years of study.

In Koushirou Tanaka’s hometown of Fukuoka Prefecture, there is a mountain called “hiko-san”, known for its rich Shamanist history.

This mountain is the origin of the name of Hiko-ryu.

Hiko-ryu is a comprehensive martial art that includes Taijutsu (bare-handed fighting techniques) as well as sword fighting and knife fighting.

It combines the physical manipulation of traditional martial arts with modern practicality, and is characterized by its wide range of applications and, in contrast, the surprising simplicity of its principles.

Its simplicity and practicality is the beauty of Hiko-ryu.

The process of shedding waste and brushing up skills through training is a series of moving discoveries and a sense of accomplishment.

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